Logo design for law firms

The logo is brand for any business identity or law firm. It shows the specific type of law you practice which ranges from personal problems and transfer of estate to corporate contracts, litigation and intellectual property. Logo of law firms is used instantly and effectively to sell your services to the public or corporate buyer. When you are marketing your law firm, the brand consists of the legal service you provide, non legal assistance you supplement and fees associated with services. These elements act as a foundation for a law firm by distinguishing your firm from countless other firms.

You can see the logo on your websites, business cards, letterheads, sign-age and in advertisements which helps in identifying the firm.  The visual image communicates the capacity and capability of providing the superior services.  The well designed logo not only make you memorable, but also demonstrates your law firm which has established soundly and separate the company from the competition.  The talented  graphic designers have the ability to bring the logo in a creative way.   If you want to grab the attention and increase the client list, then consider few hints that help you in marketing your services in an impressive and with a memorable brand image.

Here is the three components of logo design of law firms are:  Most of the times they bear the name of the practice and often mention the initials as a design element.  Apart from the color and composition, they focus on these three elements:

1.Specialization:  As I mentioned in the above para, only few things distinguish your firm faster than specific type of law you practice.  So, you need to begin the design process by listing all the words which are associated with your firm.  This helps you in giving the list of potentials for both images and text,  choose the words from the list to create a good tag line which directly target your ideal client.

  1. Differentiation: Once you set up the specifics of your firm, the next step is holding those services up against the offerings of competing law firms. By doing this, you will quickly understand how better than others you can do, the potential list of words can be translated to images or pictures and helps in creating the good tag-line.  For example, If you own or part of a practice.  Does your firm is specialized in a specific environment or take the cases of pro-Bono (Which means undertaking the cases without any charge) or in providing legal assistance in civil cases for low income individuals.  These are few selling points which can be used to select highly sale-able words and images for dynamic law firm logos.
  2. Creativity: The enhanced creativity of logo naturally draws the client’s eye. It may be of unique use of art or with a set of initials, great law firm logo designs are those which make their position by themselves in a sea of words or designs.  When you strive for creativity keep in mind the list of words and designs you gathered in specialization.  If you cater to a particular industry, images of mountains, globes, trees and in addition technology related symbols helps in producing the distinguish brand image for your law firm which makes a direct appeal in the area of your expertise.

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Choosing the best logo design

A logo is the signature of your company’s brand and it is most valuable asset of the company.  A logo is the single element which will represent your brand more than anything else.  The attractive logo design and color helps to communicate your company message.  The brand image shows what your business is all about and peppy and delightful visage help the people to love the brand.  The logo should be simple, versatile, unique, memorable and work without color.


There is a huge problem for startups in choosing the best logo design, those who are trying to find the place in the market.  For creative logo design the  company is free to choose either a design firm, freelance designer or any advertising agency.  It is a difficult process for startups.  There are important steps where both you and your graphic designer has to undertake in choosing the best logo design.


1.Choose a budget:  Proper planning on a budget should be done for the logo design.  Because prices are very costly for a professional logo, which acts as an identity for your company.  There are many factors which determine the price like the size, age of the company, specific project requirements, media, experience and client history of the company.  For creating the logo and design how time is required cannot be calculated.  A logo is the brand image and acts as a corporate identity, which is the first and foremost important step for the company.  Now you can take the help of freelancing bidding sites where they promise to create a logo at an affordable price.  When you choose the logo at an affordable or cheap price from online sites, it can be of low quality output. A professional designer will closely work with you, take useful feedback and ask you the preliminary questions before they start with the research or sitting at a computer.


2.Locate designers:  We find graphic designers in many places and it is definitely harder in choosing the right designer.  Try to find the designer by using different methods.  If you know someone who is having the best logo, simply ask them who did the work.  Most of the freelance design work comes from referrals and search graphic design directories.


  1. Choose the best and suitable designer: Check the designer previous logos and their corporate identities they have created. If there is a good presentation of design, it shows how much they take care about their professional appearance.  Check the descriptions of their logo project because the logo may look good, great.  But it has to meet the requirements of the company and should be effective.  When the logo designer presents you with an agreement, the ownership of the logo is transferred to you after the final payment.  If there is no agreement or contract, then ask the logo designer to give in writing.  This agreement helps to use logo design legally.


4.Brief the designer in detail: You can brief your designer face to face or send mail in detail.  It is very important and essential to explain in detail what you want.  First explain these questions like if you have an old logo, tell them why don’t you like it,  target market, the type of business you do, your main competitors, show them how you are different from others and what your new logo want to incite.

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